The Smoot Center Implant Guarantee

“Take 4 for Free”. What’s that mean? It means you will get the best value and quality for your dental implant when you have it done at the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery. It also means that we stand behind the work we do.

About 5% of all dental implants will eventually fail regardless of how well the implant was placed. Sometimes the bone simply will not properly graft into the implant. A failed implant can be a waste of money and time and can be a frustrating.

At the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery, we know our patients expect more from the services we provide. That’s why we say “Take 4 for Free”, which means add 4 more years to the standard 1 year guarantee for dental implants of other dentists and oral surgeons. So when you get a dental implant from the Smoot Center, the work on the implant is guaranteed for 5 years*. That’s 4 extra free years of peace of mind the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery will give you that the rest won’t. Give us a call today at (801)264-8504 to find out more about the Smoot Center Implant Guarantee and to schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. David Smoot to discuss your implant options.

*Guarantee valid with terms and conditions of Smoot Center Implant Guarantee