Dental Implants

” Before replacing damaged or missing teeth with a bridge which will grind and wear your healthy teeth, consider dental implants. Not only will this procedure save your teeth, at the Smoot Center we back our work up to five times longer than most dentists and oral surgeons. You will feel assured, after consulting with me, that you made the proper decision and will be content now, and far into the future, with you new appearance.”

Get back your confidence and smile with a dental implant. Designed to be a permanent and stable replacement for a missing tooth, dental implants not only look and act like your natural teeth, but they are a durable option in place of a bridge or denture.

Your smile is important to you, so make sure you get your dental implants placed by a skilled and experienced oral surgeon you can trust such as Dr David Smoot. At the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery, you will meet with Dr Smoot, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 30 years of experience in the latest dental procedures. There is no need for you to suffer through another day with a missing tooth, unsightly bridge or embarrassing and annoying dentures.

Give the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery a call today at (801)264-8504 and schedule a consultation to get all the facts about dental implants and to see if they can be an option for you. While you are on the phone, ask us about the Smoot Center Implant Guarantee that guarantees the work on your implant for five times longer than other dentists and oral surgeons offer. Get your smile back!