Deep Sedation

“Some patients fear what may take place in the dental chair and how painful it may be. There is no need to worry. With many years of training and practical experience in anesthesia, I am more than prepared to make your visit to the Smoot Center more comfortable and worry-free than you can imagine. After evaluating what form of anesthetics will give you the best result for your situation, we will carefully and professionally administer the proper anesthesia up to and including deep sedation.”

For some, simply the sound of a dental drill causes anxiety. We understand how you feel and each day treat many patient just like you. At the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery, we want you to have the most pleasant, comfortable and pain-free experience possible.

Because Dr David Smoot is a trained and licensed oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he is licensed to administer deep sedation. Administered intravenously, deep sedation is a sedative and not only helps the patient cope with anxiety, but also affects the patient’s consciousness to minimize the pain. During this process, the patient will be in “deep sleep” during the entire treatment. With deep sedation, your experience will be pleasant and comfortable.

If you prefer deep sedation for any tooth extraction or other oral surgery, give the Smoot Center for Oral Surgery a call at (801)264-8504 and schedule a consultation to see what sedation option is right for you. The Smoot Center for Oral Surgery can help make dentistry and oral surgery a pleasant experience.