Excellent care, quick and honest. Instead of extracting a tooth, Dr. Smoot recommended saving it. Any oral surgeon may have just pulled it, charged me, and sent me on my way. Dr. Smoot was honest about the assessment and treatment.

I had already called around to other oral surgeons and most could only see me a few days out. I was hurting really bad and wanted care as fast as I could get it. The Smoot Center moved things around and got me in to see Dr. Smoot that same day, faster than any other Continue Reading

Right from the start I felt welcomed and cozy. With compassion for my fears, Dr. Smoot explained my procedure and put me at ease. For those with anxiety about oral surgery, I recommend the Smoot Center.

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Exceptional dentistry,
every patient every visit in Smoot Center
Get back your confidence and smile with a dental implant. Designed to be a permanent and stable replacement for a missing tooth, dental implants not only look and act like your natural teeth, but they are a durable option in place of a bridge or denture.